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Before Color:

  • BOOK a consultation! Lets make sure we're on the same page before your appointment. In order to properly book your appointment, lets see how your hair relates to your goal photo! If you can't make it in the salon before your appointment, email online before booking, so I can adjust the time accordingly!

  • Have hair goal photos! Its always great to reference on what you like/dislike about each photo, to break the "language barrier" of hairdresser and client. 3 photos are better than none!

  • If you want a drastic color change, expect it to take two or more sessions to achieve. Integrity of the hair is the most important thing.

  • You don't have to wash your hair beforehand, but make sure it was washed at least three days prior. Super clean hair may cause a sensitive scalp, but super dirty hair may mean trouble covering gray.

  • If you received a Keratin treatment less than a week ago, don't schedule your appointment just yet. We highly recommend waiting at least a week before getting any color service done. However- you may Keratin right after color.

  • Expect the first visit to be the longest. We're getting to know your hair- formulating and constantly checking to see how your hair covers or lightens.

After Color Care

  • Be sure to use one of our recommended shampoos. Each shampoo is specifically designed to protect against UV rays, prolong hair color, and leave you with shiny, healthy hair.
    Drugstore/online bought shampoo is typically not the real deal, and is usually watered down, expired or a totally different product. Our prices are affordable and competitive.

  • It's highly recommended to NOT wash your hair for at least 24 hours- the longer the better! The cuticle of your hair has just been opened up & sealed back down. Let the color settle & your color will last longer! (yes, unfortunately that also means no pool for 24 hours)

  • Speaking of shampooing- the less you shampoo the longer your color will last! Washing every two days is recommended for oily hair, or longer if you have a dry scalp. *Dry Shampoo will save your hair as well*

  • DO come in for a gloss in between appointments. Typically, highlight clients come in every two to four months, therefore the gloss will fade out before they make it back in. Hair may have yellow, orange and/or red undertones, which can creep through a few months after leaving with a n neutral/ashy tone. In order to maintain your desired color, it is highly recommended to come in at the suggested time frame (varies per person). 

We look forward to seeing you! For any questions or concerns

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